The Go-Giver Part 2 - John David Mann (#83)

The Power of Parables and Story with John David Mann

Welcome to the season finale of Season 6: Business Storytellers. This is part 2 of 2… focusing on the “Go Giver” series of books and their principle in business and in storytelling.

My guest for part 2 is co-author John David Mann. John is an award-winning author whose titles include the New York Times bestseller The Red Circle and of course the international bestseller The Go-Giver. His new book The Latte Factor is already earning a ton of praise.

As a storyteller, John knows what it takes to create effective, engaging parables that move people. If the reader isn’t moved, they won’t care, they won’t learn, and they won’t retain.

“If I don’t cry when I’m writing it… if I don’t laugh when I’m writing it… if I’m not moved when it’s going on the page, then the reader won’t be moved.” - John David Mann on the power of story

Sometimes You Write Garbage (Says the Bestselling Author)

It’s not always easy. Whether you’re a New York Times Bestselling Author, a YouTube Creator, a podcaster or a marketer, crafting stories can be downright hard.

John’s advice? Keep writing (creating). Even when it feels like it just sucks.

Because sometimes you think it’s great and an editor or trusted reader may see its faults. Other times you may think it’s terrible and it ends up great. You never know, so just keep writing.

“You’re going to write garbage. Possibly the biggest secret to becoming a good writer is to be willing to write garbage… you have to be able to take to people and receive feedback.” - John David Mann on his writing process

The Key to Selling Stories: Email List Cultivation

As a storyteller, one vital component to success is selling the story. Whether it’s podcast interviews for your book, social media for your podcast, TV show interviews for your play… we need to promote our creations. He says that you the author need to connect with your marketplace.

Over the years, John has heard from marketers and storytellers that there’s on tried-and-true way to increase your audience, no matter which platforms you add to it. This tool will help you build an audience that consumes your story, and will tell their friends.

“The most significant and important piece of your whole marketing approach as an author, is to cultivate your email list…of your core readers.” - John David Mann on email marketing

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