Audio Drama Podcaster Sarah Rhea Werner - Girl In Space (#84)

Storytelling with Writer, Podcaster Sarah Rhea Werner

Sarah Rhea Werner is a professional podcaster, writer, editor, coach, speaker, voice actor, ghostwriter, a contributor to Forbes, founder of the Write Now podcast, and TEDx speaker.

She’s also the writer, editor, and executive producer of the hit audio drama Girl In Space. Sarah is an up and coming entertainment storyteller and huge supporter of audio dramas – fictional podcasts that tell a story and entertain.

For Sarah, creating stories for others to enjoy is all about finding her inspiration from her community.

“The inspiration comes from other people. Inspiration for characters, inspiration to keep going. The community keeps you invested in what you’re doing. It seems like a solo project, but it’s not.” - Sarah Rhea Werner on story inspiration

Marketing Your Story

For any storyteller, and creator, there’s a battle between creating and then getting that story “out there.” Marketing oftentimes isn’t a storyteller’s priority or strongest skill. Sarah says it starts with giving yourself permission to take the time to create. Then it’s about entering the community in which you want to tell your story.

A great piece of tactical advice Sarah shared is how to share your projects in social media. She suggests using the 80/20 rule. Whatever you’re sharing online, share your own stuff about 20% of the time. For the other 80 of the time, you’re adding value beyond your “own stuff.” Share other storytellers’ stories. Share podcasts you love. Share the latest book you’re reading. Then mix in your own only once for every 5 other things you share.

“That’s how you build actual community. It’s by adding value. I’ve seen the largest boost on my show when I share other people’s shows. It’s a great way to keep the community building itself.” - Sarah Rhea Werner on marketing your story

Two Lessons for Aspiring Writers

Sarah shared two lessons for aspiring writers in our conversation. She recalled the time in her career when she worked for a marketing company. Sarah would look over Instagram, seeing writers she followed posting serene photos on themselves in a coffee shop “writing” with their beautiful vase of flowers and their fancy latte art. At the time she pined over the pics, wishing she had that.

Now as an independent writer and creator of podcasts, she has that freedom and that life. And she realizes that it’s work. It’s not just posting photos on social media - it’s actually showing up everyday and making the story happen.

Lesson 1: Don’t compare yourself to others. You don’t know their story, and you’re only seeing a single highlight. Make your own path.

Lesson 2: Be willing to work hard.

“This is me digging around in my own head and picking out the splinters that I need to tell the story. It’s work, but it’s work that I love.” - Sarah Rhea Werner on being a writer

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