The Go-Giver Part 1 - Bob Burg (#82)

How to Give as a Storyteller with Bob Burg

Welcome to the season finale of Season 6: Business Storytellers. This is part 1 of 2… focusing on the “Go Giver” series of books and their principle in business and in storytelling.

My guest for part 1 is co-author Bob Burg. Bob is a hall of fame speaker and bestselling author, a former top sales pro and podcast host of, you guessed it, the Go-Giver Podcast.

In our conversation, Bob shares insight on topics vital to the success of today's businessperson, and storyteller… often crossing the lines between both. In his daily walk, he speaks for corporations and associations internationally, including Fortune 500 companies, franchises, and numerous direct sales organizations.

For Bob, it’s all about giving value above and beyond, bringing value back to the originator.

“Money is simply an echo of value. It’s the thunder to value’s lightning. The value must come first. You must focus on bringing value to another human being.” - Bob Burg on success in business

Receiving and Giving the Gift of Mentorship

In his career and life, Bob has had others pour into him. That includes a coworker mentoring him when he was at his lowest point.

Bob say it’s critical to be open to mentoring, as well as being willing to mentor others. Without mentors, we struggle through situations and over obstacles that could take a long time to understand.

“A good mentor, one who’s not so much a coach but a guide, can help cut your learning curve by years.” - Bob Burg on mentorship

Go-Giver Doesn’t Mean “Give it All Away for Free”

The idea of being a go-giver may initially sound like you’re giving away everything you have of value in order to simply serve others. Bob says that’s not the case. Bringing value, going above and beyond, and reaping the rewards of that servant attitude can and should pay off in value for you.

Sometimes that’s in income, other times it’s in opportunity. But the idea is that if we’re all striving to outserve and outgive each other, we’ll have an abundance mentality that can’t be beat.

It doesn’t mean giving away things in order to drive leads and business. That’s marketing.

“The whole premise really is shifting your focus from ‘getting’ to ‘giving.’ We mean constantly and consistently providing value to others.” - Bob Burg of giving vs. marketing

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