Vocal Awareness Coach of the Stars Arthur Joseph (#63)

Storytelling with a Purpose - Lessons from Legendary Vocal Coach Arthur Samuel Joseph

If you’re speaking in front of another person – or many – it’s not a presentation. At least, it shouldn’t be. It should be – a performance. That’s how Arthur Joseph sees it. And that’s how he teaches others to see it. From NFL Hall of Fame inductees like Emmitt Smith to Hollywood heavy hitters like Angeline Jolie, Arthur has helped thousands up their speaking game. 

Now, he’s ready to help you grow. Arthur wants to do more than just bring a tip or two… he’s ready to offer you, my audience a Masterclass feel for our conversation. 

Whether it’s preparing for a TED talk (see Arthur’s below!) or a business presentation (performance!) – whether a keynote or a quarterly earnings report, or any kind of oral story, Arthur can help you go beyond the next level as a storyteller.

“I’d like us to step back each day as often as we can, allow a Conscious Loving Breath and slow this process down a bit. Let’s not just stream this data. Let’s learn how to embody the message and the messenger as we tell our story.” - Arthur Joseph on social media

The Power of Voice

When we take time for Arthur’s teachings and make room for things like a Conscious Loving Breath, we own our power. In whatever kind of storytelling medium you choose, the power you wield can bring success in many forms.

Arthur understands this and teaches professionals from film, sports, broadcasting and beyond.

“When we own our Voice, we own our power.” - Arthur Joseph on Vocal Awareness

What traditional speakers can learn from the music world

The Game Day Morning on the NFL Network works with Arthur. In their show, says Arthur, you can see how they communicate differently (and better) than any other broadcast team. They use story and Vocal Awareness to deliver the message and embody the messenger.

A big part of all of this is how to listen, change vocal inflection, change pace and more. Arthur says one inspiration for all of this is the difference between the music world and traditional spoken vocal performances.

“As a singer I look at music and it tells me everything to do. But traditionally storytellers, we only have words. So I teach how to annotate those words so they really come alive. ” - Arthur Joseph on music lessons for speakers

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