A Storyteller's Not-So-Secret Weapon: Conversational Writing with Nick Usborne (#62)

Storytelling with The Conversational Copywriter, Nick Usborne

Nick Usborne is The Conversational Copywriter. Conversational copywriting could change your business, your personal brand or your career.

Whether you own a salon or you’re a dentist, how you communicate with your potential clients matters. Even if you’re not a writer, you’ll need to communicate (or maybe hire a writer).

So often my goal here is to inspire, not necessarily instruct. Nick does both. We talk about what conversational writing is, what it isn’t, how to do it well and take your storytelling to the next level, and so much more. This is a great episode to take notes on!

“If I write you a 4-page [marketing] letter I know that I’m going to lose the most people at the end of each page… never end a sentence at the bottom of a page.” - Nick Usborne on the art of holding attention

The most important trait of a great storyteller

Nick says being an effective, successful and “good” storyteller isn’t about being overly clever. It’s not even always about what you say or even how you say it. In fact, being a great storyteller begins not with what you create, but with how you listen. This is where you build empathy, the most important trait of a great storyteller.

And this will help you build your group, your audience; these are the people who want to do business with you, whatever that looks like.

“Even when you pay [for attention], it’s noisy. Everywhere is noisy. I think the starting point is giving a damn about your customers.” - Nick Usborne on building your audience

Gratitude is everything

Nick understands that there are people in the world who work much harder for less, and his career path has benefited him and his family. Even when times get tough, as storytellers it’s important to know that the work we do makes a difference, and it really isn’t as difficult as what many of our fellow humans face. Those of us who tell stories for a living can turn our obstacles into gratitude, and it makes all the difference.

“It sounds like a cliche, but I’m actually filled with gratitude.” - Nick Usborne on ‘making it’

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