Personal Branding for Storytellers with Kristen Hartnagel (#64)

Branding coach, personal brand strategist and storyteller Kristen Hartnagel

Kristen Hartnagel knows how to tell a story and frame a personal brand. Here’s a great quote from her LinkedIn: "Be a Magnet, Not a Megaphone." 

Kristen is a branding coach and personal brand strategist working for Brand Builders Group. Their mission inspires. They are a personal brand strategy firm for influencers and entrepreneurs. Their services are designed to clarify your positioning, expand your reach, and increase your revenues.

Kristen has been a professional trainer and speaker for years, inspiring others from the stage. You can see why Kristen is a great fit for this season of inspirational storytellers. She's also here to offer a little insight into how to craft your personal brand as a storyteller. She also happens to be a singer/songwriter.

A major part of Kristen’s world is encouraging others to step out of their comfort zones, leave the past behind and reach for greater success.. She says that ships are safe and cozy in the harbor, but is that what they were meant for?

“Ships are meant to take on the sea. The sea when it’s calm and inviting, and the sea when it’s raging with uncertainty. I think we cheat ourselves when we play it safe.” - Kristen Hartnagel on how to grow

There’s room for authenticity and goodness

Not all branding people and success coaches have to rent a Bugatti and a New York City high rise apartment to get attention. Nor should they. Authentic storytelling and goodness, according to Kristen, can and will rise to the top.

So if you’re a marketer, a sales professional, a business owner or any kind of storyteller, you don’t have to fake it and deceive people in order to reach success. The is room for real, authentic people who want to help others reach success.

“We don’t have to worry about what’s wrong with the world if we’re just committed to being pat of what’s right with the world. What’s wrong will fall away. It will be seen through for what it is, because we can feel that!” - Kristen Hartnagel on authentic storytelling

People do business with people - be a person, not a business

Whether it’s Coke and their celebrity endorsements, or a solopreneur putting herself “out there” with authentic interactions, branding is just the buzzword we use to define the relationship we have with a business. It’s not simply a logo. It’s the story - and oftentimes a person connected to that story - of the business and our connection to it. Make it personal.

“People do business with people more than they do business with businesses. That’s why branding is just the buzzword, because everybody’s understanding ‘If I can put a face to this, something real that people can relate to, it’s more than just a business.’“ - Kristen Hartnagel on branding and influencers

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