Season 2, Episode 14: David Mead of Start With Why (#29 BONUS EPISODE)

Storytelling with Start With Why evangelist David Mead

In this bonus episode and final finale, we take a detour from the “podcasts” season and hear from a writer, a speaker, a content creator… and an “igniter” with Simon Sinek’s organization. He’s a co-writer with Simon, a coach, a speaker and an evangelist of the “Start with Why” movement. After years of developing content to help Simon share his ideas, David Mead began speaking and facilitating workshops in 2012 to help shift people's perceptions about leadership and culture.

Today, David shares with The Storytellers Network his storytelling craft, his successes and stumbles, his take on story in our world today, and more.

"The thing that I love most about about stories is it gets us to feel something. That's really where connection is made, where trust is built and where the foundation of 'relationship' is. - David Mead on the power of story

How Does a Professional Storyteller and Curator Stay Fresh?

David speaks around the world, works with clients everywhere and tells stories all the while. By curating success stories and other anecdotes, he's able to show the power of WHY to audiences all over. With so many opportunities to share, it can be tough to keep his content fresh. So how does one keep up their library to fend off becoming bored - and therefore boring? For David, it comes down to listening, being aware of opportunities to find new stories and always honing his craft.

"I believe in and love so much what I do, I never want to come across like I'm tired of it. The thing I love about telling these stories over and over is that it pushes me to keep looking for new stories, because when that one feels like it's getting tired for me, I gotta have something else to go to." - David Mead on being a better storyteller

In Storytelling, as in Life, Authenticity is Vital

Authenticity - quite the current buzzword - really boils down to being okay with who you are, understanding that you will draw some people in while keeping others away, and embracing who you are. Vulnerability can endear an audience to you. 

David mentions in our interview that he most enjoys reading material from people who are willing to be vulnerable and share both the good and the bad with their readers. We all know no one is perfect; no one is everything to everyone. You wouldn't ask a licensed electrician to then take on a plumbing project. 

Rather than put up facades, let people in. 

"If you ever hope to build any kind of trust or relationship with people, you gotta be you." - David Mead on the importance of authenticity

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