Season 2, Episode 13: Jordan Harbinger - The Jordan Harbinger Show (#28 BONUS EPISODE)

Storytelling with Host of The Jordan Harbinger Show, Jordan Harbinger

In this Season 2 bonus episode, we hear from a critically-acclaimed podcast host who dives deep into the untapped wisdom of the world's top performers -- from intelligence operatives to legendary musicians, iconoclastic writers to visionary changemakers. Jordan Harbinger brings his experience and passion for story to the show to inspire and teach.

The world of podcasts and the availability of technology have crossed paths for Jordan, like many others, allowing him to make a living on the shoulders of podcasting.

"The problem with democratizing things... you end up with a lot of people who maybe didn't have a voice before because they're not really trying hard and it's a crappy product. But I'm glad we democratized [media] because it allows a lot of people, myself included, to create a name for themselves and create a nice livelihood." - Jordan Harbinger

What It Takes to Stand Out in Today's Noisy World

It's difficult to "be heard" as a storyteller in today's noisy world. With so much social media content and other digital information in our faces every day, getting louder, tweeting more or trying to be everywhere at once doesn't help. Jordan says it all starts with quality, not quantity.

"The truth is I think you have to hone the craft until it's really good, that it's sticky. I don't think there's ways to just be louder than everyone else. I think the quality has to stand up. You have to have something good to market." - Jordan Harbinger on standing out

Once you have your message - your story - ready and your skills hones, then it's time to dig deep and find where your ideal audience spends their time. 

Put Your Game Face On - for Every Audience

Jordan is known for his podcast. he's also known for a talk he gave at Google. Despite a pre-talk meeting at Google that left most people at the company elsewhere giving him a relatively empty room, and his own energy being sapped, Jordan put on his game face and gave a presentation that now showcases his story.

The lesson: Always be honing your skills and at the ready to tell your story. Whether it's for an amphitheater of 10,000 or a conference room of 30, you never know who's watching and how it may affect your future.

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