Season 2, Episode 12: Southwest Michigan's Fake Radio Show (#27)

Storytelling with Radio Veterans Turned Podcast Hosts Steph, Scotty Bud and Diane of Southwest Michigan's Fake Radio Show

They've been in radio for years... sometimes on the same show in some form or fashion. Now, they produce a podcast that covers local happenings, cool stories and lots of laughter. It's kind of like a morning radio show without the corporate to-do list. For the season finale of Season 2: Podcasts, Diane, Steph, and Scotty Bud welcomed me back to their show, Southwest Michigan’s Fake Radio Show for a fun experiment. This is like a DC-Marvel crossover… I got to take over their show to ask them my questions about storytelling. We dive into podcasting as their chosen medium, how it compares to radio, how technology shapes storytelling and even some personal stories. 

At the end of the day, content creation oftentimes becomes very personal. Whether it's a parenting blog, a podcast with your partner or social media posts reflecting your experiences, we're telling our own stories. For some of us, life becomes a little too structured and focused on our content.

"[Blogging] became less fun for me because of the pressure I put on myself. I felt like I had to create content instead of live life. That's where I drew the line. I got so consumed with living life by what was 'bloggable.'" - Steph on the downside of personal storytelling

Theater of the Mind

Podcasting as a medium is sometimes compared to "old school radio." The focus on audio makes the correlation obvious, but it's more than that. In days gone by, radio was where we went for news, information, entertainment and connection. Many times, radio personalities were able to flex their creativity and show off ingenuity.

With only a few corporate entities owning the vast majority of stations across the country, the golden age of independent, local radio seems to be a distant memory. Podcasting puts the power back into the hands of the creatives.

"For the most part, radio is very structured. It has lost its excitement. It has lost its theater of the mind. So doing a podcast, you get to do what you want and kind of pretend it's a radio show." - Scotty Bud on the current state of radio vs. podcasting

"Making It" Looks Different for Everyone - and May Look Different at Different Points in Your Journey the best part is, your story is not done

When asked if they've "made it," or what "making it" looks like, every interviewee over the past 27 episodes has had a different answer. Even in the same room, these 3 guests had varying answers. That's the beauty of being a storyteller. It's not the same for anyone.

Whether it's taking your talents to the international stage in front of screaming fans, or serving your family as their biggest fan, making it seems to mean being grateful for your blessings and living a life full of love. The best part is, our story isn't done until our last breath.

"I wear this ring that I got a couple years ago. It's really powerful to me. It says ' Own Your Journey' and I still feel like all of us... back in the day our parents our grandparents had the kids, bought the house and maybe felt like their story had been written. But I don't feel that way. I feel like I have more story in me." - Diane on making it as a person

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