Season 2, Episode 11: Wally Carmichael - Men of Abundance (#026)

Storytelling with Men of Abundance podcast host Wally Carmichael

Wally Carmichael is a husband, father, retired Army Medic, Department of the Army Operations Specialist and Podcast Host of the Men of Abundance Podcast. He was born and raised in Phoenix Arizona and joined the Army to travel the World and to escape what was clearly a destructive lifestyle. Wally is grateful to have traveled to 23 countries on five continents. He and his family have lived in Panama, Germany, Arizona, Texas, North Carolina, and currently lives in Hawaii.

Next to family, his greatest passion is hosting his Men of Abundance Podcast - The Pay it Forward Community, where he has conversations with other Abundant leaders as well as up and coming entrepreneurs, authors, and thought leaders doing amazing things in their community. He's been a professional connection who has developed into a friend, and is a master storyteller.

"If you're talking story to somebody who's in your industry, military or attorneys or engineers, you automatically have that connection because you understand each other. But if I'm military and I'm standing up in front of a group of businessmen... where a majority of them have never been associated with the military, it's much more of a skill to be able to take [your] leadership examples... from the military and turning it into a corporate conversation." - Wally Carmichael on the skills of a powerful connector

What does "making it" look like for a storyteller?

Wally chased the paycheck for years. Hunting the elusive 6-figure life, he was missing out on time with his wife and children. At the time he was living in Hawaii, spending time on the beach, and yet still chasing the latest advice on how to truly be successful and free.

Wally says it's a matter of living a life of abundance in your mind, tapping into gratitude and serving others and of course, enjoying the life you've built.

"My wife asked me, 'What the hell are you chasing?' I was after that 6-and-7 figure income... It all came in and I was like, I have a 6 figure income. But nothing had changed in my mind, I was still chasing it. But I'm not out in the water playing with my kid. I was sitting in the gazebo listening to a podcast ... to learn how to 'be successful' and how to 'make it.' I shut it off. I put it down. Went out, and played with my kid." - Wally Carmichael on realizing he'd "made it"

Effective and engaging storytelling begins with listening

If you want to be a better storyteller, Wally says you need to be a top-tier, curious listener. It's not something that comes naturally to a lot of us, but asking questions and making people feel heard will help you master communication and storytelling.

"Look at someone like President Ronald Reagan, who was known as a great communicator. But he asked questions. He was interested in people, same as President Bill Clinton. When he came into a room, he made people feel amazing. [They] helped people tell their story." - Wally Carmichael on the best storytellers

Wally's advice: don't sit and elaborate on every little thing. There's a time and a place to tell your story, and knowing your audience - and how they will receive your story.

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