Season 2, Episode 10: Kim Moffat - For Love of Show, Kim Knows Nothing (#025)

Storytelling with Podcast Host, Producer Kim Moffat

Kim Moffat is a podcast co-host, a podcast producer, a filmmaker, a television industry worker, a songwriter, a published author, a talker and an all-around storyteller. Her podcasts For Love of Show and Kim Knows Nothing explore different sides to her life. She works on Fuller House. She's worked on Hart of Dixie and Southland, among other projects. Her novella December is a beautifully tragic tale. Kim took time to share her storytelling life with Dan Moyle - who happens to be family as well as a fan. In short, Kim tells stories and loves the craft. 

You want to be really protective of your story... to say, this story is really personal to me, so what I want to do is I'm going to hold your hand as a reader... But I think that the biggest challenge is saying ... Once that book is done, it's not for you now. So you, I don't want to hold your hand too much because you're not going to be able to connect with it in that way. - Kim Moffat on the challenge of storytelling

Don't take yourself so seriously

When it comes to building an audience and engaging, Kim says it's important to stay humble and not take yourself too seriously. 

I'm not afraid to look silly because I know that it happens often enough and it doesn't bother me. I'm not embarrassed to just kinda jump in somewhere and introduce myself. - Kim Moffat

From podcasts to popular TV shows to tours of the Warner Bros lot, Kim isn't afraid to put herself out there, which is a factor in "making it" in the world today.

Regular writing leads to better writing

As a filmmaker, writer, songwriter, podcaster and general storyteller, Kim says it takes discipline and consistency to become a better storyteller. It's like any activity - you have to actually do it in order to get better at it. Even when you don't feel like it.

If I sit down and write, it becomes easier and less of a chore, and it feels better. My writing is better too if I'm sitting down and writing every day, and I'm sitting down and reading every day. It shows in my work; it's better work for it. - Kim Moffat on becoming a better storyteller

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