Season 2, Episode 9: Jaime Jay - Stop Riding the Pine (#024)

Storytelling with Stop Riding the Pine Podcast Host Jaime Jay

Without Jaime Jay (and Sara Parrish), The Storytellers Network would not exist. From Jaime and Sara's Podcast Pilot and Castrly, to Jaime's guidance and encouragement, to his show Stop Riding the Pine, this little show would still be just a dream. Jaime Jay is an amateur hockey player and a "starter geek" who founded Slapshot Studio back in 2013, combining the business of building websites with his love of hockey. Jaime also runs Bottleneck Virtual Assistants, helping businesses find virtual VAs to help their business. And if that wasn't enough, Jaime is a generous soul who loves to help those around him, making the world a better place. As an entrepreneur and podcast host, Jaime says storytelling is huge in his world. Rising above the noise? He has a tip...

I think personalization is everything. That's how you rise above the noise. If you're trying to do everything for everybody, and you're just saying, 'It's for everybody. Everybody can use it,' well, I think you're missing the boat there. The more specific you get, the better off it is, the easier you'll find it is to convey your story to others - Jaime Jay

Set yourself apart from the crowd with your story

Some business is about transactions. Much of the time though, we do business with people we know, like and trust. Developing your brand in this relationship-based economy comes down to connecting. Since stories connect us as humans, it makes sense to develop your storytelling skills. Jaime says it's more than a "you ought to do this" situation. He says it's vital.

There has to be a story associated with you, especially now in today's business climate, we moved from that transaction-based economy to a relationship-based economy. And what better way to establish relationships then through story? - Jaime Jay

The power of podcasts

Jaime Jay's show Stop Riding the Pine has brought him business and personal relationships, developed his knowledge and brought him better stories. Jaime says he will often reference his interviews in conversation because so many stories stick in his mind, bringing value to him and those around him.

After more than 200 episodes, Jaime has no plan to call it quits. He says experiencing life through conversations has brought him amazing perspectives he would never had had access to without the podcast.

[One guest] had a really unique analogy for life. I was like, 'that is so cool' and I've used that several times because I listened, I consumed his story and the way that he described life was being hooked up to a cardiac rhythm machine... It's constantly up and down, right? His analogy was, if you're not experiencing the highs and lows of life, you flatline. You're dead right? In life there's good times, there's bad times, there's good times, there's bad times. You know what? Appreciate that. Whether it's a good time or a bad time, learn from it and go on. - Jaime Jay

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