Season 2, Episode 8: Douglas Burdett - The Marketing Book Podcast (#023)

Storytelling with the host of The Marketing Book podcast, Douglas Burdett

He's the host of The Marketing Book podcast. He's interviewed hundreds of thought leaders in the sales and marketing space. He's a voracious reader. Douglas Burdett brings knowledge, expertise and an inspiring level of humility to the podcasting world. Douglas also owns the marketing agency Artillery Marketing, runs a HubSpot User Group (HUG) and speaks around the country. This sharer of stories. To him, stories are a powerful communication tool.

I was in Chicago giving a talk to a lot of manufacturers. Instead of standing up there and giving the standard PowerPoint presentation, I started with a story... Their guard comes down when you're telling a story and it activates much more of the audience's brain. - Douglas Burdett on the power of story

How can we make our story stand out?

Whether you're a business, a personal brand or a storyteller in some other way, understanding your audience and their "why" is vital. Douglas says the companies that have even a little bit of a deeper understanding of the kinds of problems their customers face are the ones who are more able to be more effective.

In this era of digital marketing and our life on the Internet, the ability to seem human and even vulnerable is actually more important now than in the past. We're very suspicious of anything slick and corporate... desperately looking for to make human connections through the digital world. - Douglas Burdett on how to stand out in the world of content

Craft a legendary story through experiencing life

In addition to running a marketing agency and hosting a podcast, Douglas brings an interesting mix of experience to his journey. He served in the U.S. Army, chased his dream of stand-up comedy, went bear hunting, reads voraciously, and he travels to conferences around the country as an attendee and to speak. This willingness to broaden your horizons just may be one of those life hacks you're looking for if you want to create a legendary story.

I'm learning so much. It's performance, it's professional development, it's performance art. I'm just learning so much and I get so excited being able to interview these authors [on The Marketing Book Podcast]. - Douglas Burdett

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