Season 2, Episode 7: Tom Schwab - Podcast Guest Expert (#022)

Storytelling with Tom Schwab, Guest on hundreds of podcasts

He's a podcasting expert even though he doesn't currently have his own show; it's because of how many shows where he's actually been the guest! Tom Schwab, author of Podcast Guest Profits and founder of podcast interview marketing pioneer Interview Valet, says he'd rather be the guest than put in all the work it takes to produce a podcast. In fact, Tom estimates his podcast interview count at well over 1200. Hear why he says podcast interviews are the next gold rush in marketing, and how to truly get value from being a guest on podcasts.

Marketing is a Conversation with Your Ideal Customer

One of Tom's core ideas is that marketing isn't some magical journey. In its simplest form, marketing is having a conversation with your ideal customer. People do business with people, and getting them to know, like and trust you is key. For Tom, telling your story in podcast interviews is a great way to start that conversation. Of course, it's always important to know your audience.

Content is king, but context is god. There can be a great story to tell at the bar; doesn't mean the same great story to tell at the Bingo Hall. So knowing your audience, be able to connect with that. It could be the same story, just make it more contextual for the audience there. - Tom Schwab

What's Ordinary to You is Amazing to Others

Our story is ordinary to us. We've lived it. We know it. Yawn. However, to someone else, that story of starting your own business or climbing that mountain may seem amazing or extraordinary. This, Tom says, is where the magic happens. As an example, Tom joined the Navy and ended up working with nuclear plants. It was just an ordinary job. But he knows that the lessons he learned there help others to see things differently and gives him a unique perspective. This is also why he shares daily podcast suggestions in his social media. In short, stories and connections help us all grow.

I think you're supposed to surround yourself with good people and that means people in front of you, people that are peers, and people that are behind you. And the funny part is, is those people always change. - Tom Schwab

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