Season 2, Episode 6: Danny Peña - Gamertag Radio (#021)

Storytelling with Gamertag Radio Co-host and Podcasting Legend Danny Peña

Gamertag Radio founder and co-host Danny Peña joins host Dan Moyle for this episode of The Storytellers Network. This guy is a legend in the podcast world, at the forefront of the video games community, starting an Internet radio show back before podcasts or even really a thing. In fact, Danny is such a legend, he was inducted into the podcast hall of fame in the inaugural class. He's also been a keynote speaker at Podfest Multimedia Expo. He's toured the world. This guy just is an evangelist for the gaming community. To date, Danny and his team have recorded more than 750 numbered episodes of Gamertag Radio, plus bonus episodes that they just put out there not numbered. Needless to say, Danny is big in the world of podcasts.

When I started my first radio show, because I started in 2001, it was a radio show. I started doing that in New York City and then Gamertag Radio in 2005... throughout the years I got to share my story of like the stuff that I've been through because I would love to inspire other people. - Danny Peña on his longtime love of podcasting

The Podcast Hall of Fame

When Danny started podcasting, he was using a tape recorder and simple mp3 files. He would travel with $20 in his pocket and a handful of hopes. Years later, with hard work, creativity, tenacity and a bit of luck, Danny Peña is the subject of a documentary, he appears in a podcast documentary and he's in the Podcasters Hall of Fame. 

It was special to me being the first Latino, the first gaming podcast, and also the like the first group to get inducted to the hall of fame. - Danny Peña

Connections, Hard Work and Serendipity 

When Danny was just starting off, he would take his tape recorder and a camera and hit the road, not afraid to join the party wherever it was. In the beginning, it even got him into a launch party for Xbox with Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Microsoft invited me to go to their launch in New York City at the Toys R Us store in Times Square. I showed up at the event ... and they told us, 'OK, you guys are going to be playing and interacting with Bill Gates.' I was like, whoa. This is crazy. - Danny Peña

Danny's lesson: Don't be afraid to "go for it" and work hard. If you're not willing to hustle, someone else is. Also, making connections and building a network doesn't hurt in the long run.

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