Season 2, Episode 5: Jeff Large - The Jeff Large Show (#020)

Storytelling with Host of The Jeff Large Show, Jeff Large

Former-teacher-turned-marketer... and teacher of podcasting Jeff Large hosts his own show and helps others launch podcasts through his podcast production agency Come Alive Creative. Also a dad, he wears a lot of hats. One of those hats that he proudly wears is storyteller.

"I usually tell stories to my kids every night as part of our bedtime routine. We have like kind of ongoing Tolkien or C.S. Lewis type woodland characters ... They've been ongoing for years now and it's crazy how much it's progressed." - Jeff Large on his storytelling passion

Jeff also says he loves the power of story, board games, and creating awesome things with other people.

Helping others tell their story as brands through podcasts

As the owner of Come Alive Creative, Jeff helps hopeful podcasters realize their dreams. Oftentimes his clients are brands wanting to reach a new audience and build a tribe. One of the best ways to build that audience, Jeff has found, is through storytelling. One way to become a more effective weaver of tales, is to keep growing and learning.

"Personally I love learning. I want to improve in the things that I invest my time on. I don't want to be the best, but I want to be the best that I can be." - Jeff Large on being a better storyteller for business

The power of story

As a business owner, podcast host and storyteller, it's all about connecting with an audience for Jeff. For him, that's the goal of true communication and of telling stories. Whether it's professional or personal, connecting is at the root of storytelling.

In addition to the connections, storytelling effectively helps us to find new worlds.

"The other thing is the aspect of adventure. We all need a little more adventure in our lives. I feel like it's very easy to just get stuck and whatever routines that you are in, go through the day-to-day without being aware in thinking a whole lot in a good story.." - Jeff Large on the power of story

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