Season 2, Episode 4: Dave Jackson - The School of Podcasting (#019)

Storytelling with Veteran Podcaster Dave Jackson of The School of Podcasting

Established in 2005 to teach everything you want to learn about podcasting, Dave Jackson brings the knowledge, experience and expertise of a podcasting legend to his show School of Podcasting. He works tirelessly for the world of podcasting - including as a customer support specialist for Libsyn - helping to develop a culture of giving. Dave has been helping people understand technology and has been called "The Analogy King." 

"When I see the light bulb come on for somebody, that scratches my itch like nobody's can. If I can do that in an entertaining way, whether it's using stories or something of that nature, that's to me like the best of both worlds." - Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson on Influences

When asked what influences him, Dave referenced a few sources from a Sunday morning writer to a TV personality to a movie star/writer. It proves you take influence from anywhere. 

"My early influences was a guy named Dave Barry. He used to write an article in the Parade Magazine that would come in Sunday. He was just sarcastic as all get out. So he was probably one of my biggest influences." - Dave Jackson

Get to Know Your Audience

In order to "get your story out," you have to first know who they are and then where they are. Dave suggests reaching out to that audience and bringing them value. 

"If you can, go to where they are. I'm always looking at and Facebook groups and things like that... and listen to what they're saying, what they're talking about because they're going to give me ideas of what to talk about on my show or maybe give me insights." - Dave Jackson

Connect with - and learn from - the legendary Dave Jackson:

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