Season 2, Episode 3: David Hooker - Prezi's The Narrative (#018)

Storytelling with Prezi's Head of Evangelism David Hooker, Co-host of The Narrative

David Hooker is Head of Evangelism for a company that helps us tell stories more effectively with a powerful visual software, Prezi. He's also the co-host of Prezi's The Narrative podcast with Nadjya Ghausi, a Tedx speaker and storyteller in general. David shares his storytelling craft, his successes and stumbles, his favorite story... in other words, his story. And that story isn't always easy.

"If you've committed to something where you're putting that much work into it, failure is going to hurt a lot if you try. The harder you try, the more it's going to suck if you, if you mess it up." - David Hooker

Storytelling from the TEDx Stage

It's all about preparation with TEDx. David spoke at TEDx Beacon Street. He says the organizers put prospective speakers through "an incredible process" where you're invited to give a talk as your pitch. Knowing your story is key, but be prepared for feedback. Those in attendance are oftentimes former speakers and other experts there to pick the best speakers and stretch them.

Once you reach your actual presentation, you've worked with the TED organizers, edited your story and rehearsed it. You put so much work into it, you really want it to be perfect. When you need to settle in and deliver a great presentation, David says have a little humor.

"Once, you're settled ... put a joke in your first few minutes. Even if it's not like laugh out loud funny. Just something that will get like a, like a titter from, from people because you wouldn't believe how much that relaxes, you." - David Hooker

Become a Better Storyteller: Become a Student of Others

David consumes as much story as he can. One of his favorites is Ernest Hemingway and the short sentence. When David hires a new team member, he requires a writing assignment in a concentrated amount of words or characters. His favorite tip to a new hire is to go read The Old Man and the Sea. He encourages writers to notice how Hemingway created a critically acclaimed novel with limited prose.

Then, in order to reach an audience with your story, David says persistence pays off.

"I think you have to have perseverance and persistence. If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again. If you've seen my TED talk, but that's not the first one I've ever done." - David Hooker

Whether you want to listen the The Narrative, or take in more of his story, here's where you can connect with David Hooker:

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