Season 2, Episode 2: Dr. Joey Faucette - Faith Positive Radio (#017)

Storytelling with host of Faith Positive Radio, Author and Coach Dr. Joey Faucette

Business and life coach. Podcast host. Author of multiple books. Motivational mentor. Dr. Joey Faucette wears many hats. As host of Faith Positive Radio, Joey brings inspirational stories of faith in action to his listeners every week. Today, he joins The Storytellers Network to uncover the craft of story.

"I love listening to stories. My first two memories [are] just being geographically blessed to grow up in the south where people tell stories, and secondly, in third grade Ms Randolph gave me an opportunity to write a story and I did. I wrote a story about Martians and I illustrated it myself." - Dr. Joey Faucette

Humility and a Drive to Serve Others Leads to Inspiration

With more than 30 years of experience in storytelling, Joey has found that understanding your gifts and humbly accepting your purpose can lead to inspiration. 

"Inspiration is very humbly understanding that you're gifted and you're put here for a reason and it's a very short span, and so the opportunity to help people transform into who they are created to be. That's my inspiration." - Dr. Joey Faucette

Serving others and helping them find life improvements inspires this storyteller to find new ways to bring stories to life. Joey has written nearly a dozen books, hosts a podcast and creates videos to inspire others. 

How "Media" Affects Storytelling (and How to Take Advantage of It for Your Story)

Different storytelling platforms - from social media to the different media forms like video and blogs - affect storytelling in different ways. Joey looks for different ways to tell the same story to reach a different audience with the same lesson. 

I don't think [of just] a book. I think a series of books... I think a book and a coaching program... I think a book, a coaching program and a podcast to market it. So for me it's really challenging to separate all the media." - Dr. Joey Faucette

Think of your story from different perspectives. You can use podcasts for an oral version of your story, YouTube for a video tenant - maybe with interviews, social media for snippets and a visual platform like Instagram to share a behind the scenes look at your story.

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