Season 2, Episode 1: Kevin Miller - The Ziglar Show (#016)

Storytelling with co-host of The Ziglar Show, Kevin Miller

Podcaster, Ziglar Company spokesperson and co-host of The Ziglar Show Kevin Miller talks story, legacy and success with Dan Moyle in this episode of The Storytellers Network.

"The foothills ... that's where the fun is. Once you get the top... it's boring... let's go back down and do it again." - Kevin Miller on "making it" to the top

Taking care of a legacy: The Zig Ziglar Brand

Kevin is one of the primary voices of the Ziglar Company and brand. As an admirer of Zig the storyteller, Kevin humbly thinks of himself as someone who is helping move the brand forward through stories, and helping others share their story to inspire and encourage others. 

Kevin and Tom Ziglar had become friends before Zig passed away. When the legendary coach and speaker passed, Kevin and Tom discussed how to keep that legacy alive. Part of that work is The Ziglar Show, a podcast highlighting leadership and inspiration through some of the biggest influencers of our day.

"I was a kid who grew up listening to Zig Ziglar and go to the motivational seminars with my parents. I really embraced that ... and now I'm somewhat blown away that I get to be a voice for Zig Ziglar." - Kevin Miller

Storytelling isn't reserved for professionals - we all have gifts

One of Kevin's beliefs is that we all have gifts, expertise and knowledge that can benefit others. Sharing your story authentically can help people far and wide, which makes the world a better place. Connection and service are a part of Kevin's life professionally and personally. 

Of course, some people are naturally gifted storytellers, which can be magnetic. One friend of Kevin's weaves great stories, drawing people in and creating an experience. 

In storytelling - and in business - it's important to know your audience

From having the right ads on your podcast to finding new listeners via social media ... to attracting the right leads for your business, it's important to understand your buyer persona. Kevin believes authentic interactions with your ideal customer can turn into mutually beneficial relationships.

"It's just a necessary ingredient to be at your best so that you can go do what really matters and create those relationships, create a billion dollar business, whatever [you're going after]." - Kevin Miller

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