S3E1: Niel Guilarte of Wildstyle Media Group (#30)

Storytelling through video with filmmaker Niel Guilarte

He's an award winning digital media content producer, director and editor. He's also a huge supporter of the podcast community. Meet Niel Guilarte. The filmmaker specializes in high end media creation and post production. He also works with entrepreneurs and creatives and developing and bringing their visions to life, so he's also a collaborator and a coach.

The documentary he directed, The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary, is on iTunes and Amazon. That's where Niel first crossed my storytellers radar. He's also host of the All Things Post podcast and a founding member of the Florida Podcasters Association.

Niel is also a core organizer and promoter of Podfest Multimedia Expo, the second largest podcast conference for beginners and Indie podcasters in the country. 

"I feel like the minute I start bringing in everybody else's ideas, instead of fearing that they're watering my idea down, I'm trying so hard to embrace what they're adding that I could never bring to it. I think it's more finding a balance yourself as a storyteller to learn to stop being fearful and in control and fearing that and taken away that thought process of everyone's watering down my story." - Niel Guilarte on collaborating as a storyteller

Telling stories through video

No matter your medium, telling a story can be a powerful way to connect with other human beings. For Niel, it started with writing, not video creation. In school, he loved to write prose and had a flair for storytelling with the written word. When he later discovered video and film making, he wasn't sure about the transition. Fortunately, he made it and he loves it.

"I fell in love with film making [but] I didn't understand the scripted world. I didn't understand how you story tell when every other word is "cut, cut to," and you're actually having to include camera movement and things of that nature in your story. Once I learned that format, then I felt like I was really a storyteller. Then I felt like I could translate my story out of my head and into that format." - Niel Guilarte on video storytelling

Craft your story by using all media to tell it

Storytelling doesn't have to fit into a neat box. Sharing experiences, crafting a story and connecting with people can start in one venue and move to others. For Niel, filling different roles over the years helped him to switch between platforms and media. Plus, working with different people and in different roles helps you to see the world from another's perspective. All of it works to make us better storytellers.

"I did so many different roles that now I value the person who's taken that [task] away from me now and I can really appreciate what they're bringing to the table because I can finally give that up." - Niel Guilarte on teamwork, delegating and empathy

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