Season 1, Episode 6: Al Getler (#006)


Professional storyteller - from journalism to entertainment to marketing - Al Getler brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to The Storytellers Network. He explores the craft of telling a great story with host Dan Moyle.

"My last day on earth, my last story will be ... the thing that happened to me the day before." - Al Getler

Seizing Reality with Stories

Al is currently the President and CEO of Ellie on Wheels Media, a media and consulting company. He has spent more than 40 years in the field of storytelling.

"Stories, as often as they might sound like just stories, the realism around them will catch you every time." - Al Getler

He grew up around storytellers. He and his family would come together during weekends and specific events telling stories after stories.

Al also listened to stories of war veterans. One night, he realized the realism of these stories. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he and wife watched the movie Saving Private Ryan.

The Great Connector

According to Al, storytelling connects people and takes them to new places. It brought them closer as a family as well. He and his wife always told their kids stories at bedtime.

Things to Love about Storytelling

Al loves the craft of storytelling. He loves it with all its twists and turns. One of the people he admires as a storyteller is the news anchor Brian Williams.

"Storytelling is a gift." - Al Getler

There are stories that are based on facts and there are those that aren't. Embellishment is one key to good storytelling, but there are bounds to where it may be used.     

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