Season 1, Episode 7: Joe Dean (#007)

Storytelling with Author Joe Dean

Joe Dean, the Founder of Stars and Stripes Honor Flight and advocate for pediatric cancer research, talks story with Dan Moyle. Telling powerful stories of other people can have a lasting impact. 

"I think the biggest challenges in being a good writer are being a good listener and being a good reader. And the stories from these pediatric cancer kids are frankly amazing." - Joe Dean

Storytelling for a Cause

Joe has always been a storyteller since childhood. He recently wrote a book titled My Dog Named Hope. The proceeds of which will go to the pediatric cancer research.

"I have met so many foundation presidents who are usually parents who lost a child to cancer, and now they've dedicated their lives to make sure this doesn't happen to other families again." - Joe Dean

In this, he found the same characteristics of faith, courage, optimism, and selflessness.  

Where the Magic Begins

One thing he loves about storytelling is its ability to touch people's hearts. It allows them to know and be one with the mission of a brand or entity. He shares an idea from Steve Jobs, "People need to fall in love with our cause first and understand what is at stake."

Hope for the Cancer Research

Just like the stories of war veterans, there are stories which are far beyond understanding. Its reality sinks only when we start hearing them. The same goes for the pediatric cancer research.

"It breaks your heart and it brings you home just like the veteran stories did." - Joe Dean

The cause introduced Joe to the stories of parents and of children with cancer. As a human being, it is only natural to respond and to try to help improve their situation.     

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