Season 1, Episode 5: Marcus Sheridan (#005)

Storytelling with Content Marketing Expert Marcus Sheridan

Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion or The River Pools Pool Guy -- depending on how you know him, talks about storytelling, owning your story and helpful marketing in this episode of The Storytellers Network with Dan Moyle.

"Just ask the right questions and let the audience do the show, because they are the star." - Marcus Sheridan

Telling Stories Better

Early in life, Marcus already had this sense of knowing that he's a good storyteller. So, he tried his best to learn and improve his skills.  

"Sometimes the magic is found in the simplicity." - Marcus Sheridan

Since 2001, Marcus has been writing guides for others to learn from. His experience in Chile served as the backdrop of his first book.  

He couldn't speak the language of the people. The simplest way to teach them was through his own life.

A Single Line Can Be Enough

Marcus is usually most satisfied by a line that hits the message right. It's short but on point. Nothing beats clarity when it comes to communication.

Two Interesting Things in Storytelling

Whenever someone would speak, one thing that bothers him is the fact that some people in the audience are not getting the message. They hear but are actually confused.

"I was having more success than others. So, I analyzed why because others were asking me why." - Marcus Sheridan on finding ways to help others

Two things that Marcus became interested in: the lightbulb moment and the basic styles of communication. His experiences led him to writing Mashable's #1 marketing book to read in 2017, They Ask, You Answer.    

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