Season 1, Episode 2: Alison Kramer (#002)

Storytelling with Unmarketing's Alison Kramer

Alison Kramer, half of the Unmarketing team, joins Dan Moyle to talk about writing (and how having a co-writer impacts storytelling). From Unmarketing to Unbranding and several books in between, Alison loves to share stories with readers to help move the art & science of marketing forward.

"One of the beautiful things about stories is that it takes what's happening to you [as a writer] and connects you with other people." - Alison Kramer

A Writing Tandem

Alison is popularly known for the bestselling books that she has written with Scott Stratten. Among them are UnMarketing, UnSelling, and UnBranding.

"It's that trusted feedback that makes your work better." - Alison Kramer

One would read the other's work, ask questions, and vice versa. That's how they wrote and succeeded together.

Early Beginnings and Inspiration

Alison hails from Ontario, Canada. She has been writing since childhood. From poems and stories, she has now written books and other forms of content.

She is a voracious reader and loves to dive into different topics. The way that other writers put their own stories into their craft inspires her to do the same.

A World Closer through Stories

Confidence comes from knowing that all the pieces of the story make sense together. Alison prefers having natural conversations with her audience.

"Storytelling is the best way to get a message across." - Alison Kramer

Her favorite go-to places for stories? She enjoys reading articles from social media. News and fiction also spark her interests.

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