Season 1, Episode 3: Dan Miller (#003)


Author and coach Dan Miller talks about storytelling, writing, and living with a different perspective on The Storytellers Network with Dan Moyle.

"Invest in yourself and increase your ability to help other people." - Dan Miller

Significance of Storytelling

A good writer is a good storyteller. According to Dan, storytelling is just as important in any piece of written content. It engages people in the process.

"People remember the way I wove something into a story." - Dan Miller on storytelling as a tool of engagement

Success does not just happen overnight. Dan learned about writing effectively throughout his many years of experience. He understands that storytelling is more than just telling ideas; how it is crafted also matters.

Learning from Other Writers

In his journey as a writer, he's learned from leaders in the industry. One of them is Donald Miller of StoryBrand, whose love for movies enables him to see everything as a script. Two other people that Dan looks up to are Ray Edwards, Jeff Goins, and Steven Pressfield.  

Different Platforms, Different Formats

Different platforms require different ways of telling a story. One important thing to consider is the audience -- who they are and what they need.

"You can tell a remarkable story in 250 words [or less] to engage people and share with them something of value." - Dan Miller

According to Dan, one's expertise in writing can cross to other platforms. Book authors, for example, may take their skills onto social media. They just need to craft their message in the appropriate format.

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