Season 1, Episode 1: David Meerman Scott (#001)

Storytelling with Marketing Strategist and Author David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott is a digital marketing strategist, speaker, and author. He's written more than 10 books, which include the international bestseller Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead. David carved his own path to success and has now helped many others with his expertise.

"I have opportunities that I say no to because I have too much going on, but that is some indication in my mind of some degree of success that I can pick and choose the opportunities that I want to do." - David Meerman Scott

Better Way to Connect

Storytelling comes naturally to David. It is how he shares his ideas and thoughts in his books, speeches, and blog posts.  

"It is not so much of delivering information as it is telling stories." - David Meerman Scott on storytelling

Early on, he realized how stories provided a better way to connect with an audience. According to him, it is easier than simply handing out information.

Journey as a Writer

David has written fictional and non-fictional pieces of content. His works helped him seize his own power to create stories that people can relate to.

The first book he wrote was a novel. He also worked as a contributor for an online magazine. Through his stories, people also became interested to his own thoughts and ideas.   

Making a Difference with Stories

One of David's bestselling books is Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead, co-written with Brian Halligan of HubSpot.

"The books that had the more storytelling elements have done a lot better than [the others]." - David Meerman Scott

The Grateful Dead band shed light on a couple of lessons that marketers can also implement. They are lessons that can also be applied by various businesses.

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