The Best Michigan Podcasts

Recently I was looking for lists of the best Michigan podcasts. Truthfully, I wanted to submit a show I work on to anyone compiling this kind of a list. It's a show I'm proud of, because of the work we're doing through it to combat domestic and sexual abuse. So it's not entirely selfish, right?

I found a sparse Reddit thread, an article from a few years ago on an inactive site I used to love, and then several NPR lists of their own shows.


Left hungry for Michigan audio content, I started to search and think about the podcasts I listen to. So, here's a list of 17 of the best Michigan podcasts (and the best podcasts by Michiganders) I know of*.

Leave the names and links of your favorite Michigan podcasts in the comments!

Southwest Michigan's Fake Radio Show


Diane, Steph, and Scotty Bud are all veterans behind a microphone and in the community in Southwest Michigan. They'll upload a new edition of Southwest Michigan's Fake Radio Show every Thursday. 

I've known these 3 wonderful humans for a long time. We worked together in Kalamazoo radio, when I was a noob. They were gracious, and we've become friends over the years.

What I love about the show is that it's a conversation between 3 friends with real broadcast experience, with ties to the community, current events, and more.

Although they have low standards for guests, as I've been a guest 5 times. But you can forgive them for that, can't you?

Southwest Michigan's Fake Radio Show

Michigan Runner Girl


This is more than a podcast - it's a community. Michigan Runner Girl is a friendly, welcoming online community and resource. Connect with like-minded people. Learn about new races and runs, different places to explore, interesting people doing inspiring things. We can learn from one another — and motivate each other.

What I love about the show is that Heather Durocher covers races all over our beautiful state, interesting niche races, tips, tricks, and more.

She's approachable and easy to listen to, and even has guests that bring great energy, too.

Michigan Runner Girl



Stateside says they cover what you need (and want) to know about Michigan. You'll hear stories from people across the state—from policymakers in Lansing, to entrepreneurs in Detroit, to artists in Grand Rapids. Tune into this daily podcast for in-depth conversations about what matters in Michigan. Stateside is hosted by Cynthia Canty (Mon-Thu) and Lester Graham (Fri).

Stateside Radio on Michigan NPR

Pure Michigan Radio Show


Each week, Travel Michigan talks with industry professionals from all over the state on the Pure Michigan Radio Show. The program originates from WJR, Detroit (AM-760) and airs each weekend on several Michigan radio stations across the state, hosted by VP of Travel Michigan, Dave Lorenz.

The Pure Michigan Radio Show lives on its own SoundCloud channel, where you’ll discover uniquely pure content created to highlight, inspire and invite you to visit the unspoiled nature and thousands of cultural experiences that lie between the nation's longest freshwater coastline that is Michigan.

You can find Pure Michigan commercials, the Pure Michigan Radio Show, and a bunch of other content.

I had the pleasure of interviewing host Dave Lorenz on my show, The Storytellers Network, in 2019.

Pure Michigan Radio Show on SoundCloud

The Michigan Man Podcast


With over 500 episodes, this podcast has been around a little while. The Michigan Man Podcast focuses on University of Michigan Wolverine sports, with Mike Fitpatrick. Mike offers news, updates, interviews, and more.

If you're a fan of the maize and blue, this show is for you.

The Michigan Man Podcast

Michigan Crime Stories


Michigan Crime Stories is MLive’s new podcast exploring murder, mysteries and mayhem in the Mitten. Hosted by MLive reporters Darcie Moran and John Counts.

In episodes slated for release every two weeks, Darcie and John meet with reporters from MLive's 10 local news sources to tell stories of murder, mysteries and mayhem in the Mitten state.

Michigan Crime Stories

The Michigan DNR's Wildtalk Podcast


Love the great outdoors of the Great Lake State? Then this show is for you. The Wildtalk Podcast is a production of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Wildlife Division.

On this monthly podcast, representatives of the Wildlife Division chew the fat and shoot the scat about all things habitat, feathers, and fur. With insights, interviews, and listener questions answered on the air, you'll come away with a better picture of what's happening in the world of Michigan's wildlife. 

The Michigan DNR's Wildtalk Podcast

That's What They Say


You can't talk about podcasts without bringing the big guns into the mix. This show from Michigan NPR is a weekly segment on the radio that explores our changing language.

University of Michigan English Professor Anne Curzan studies linguistics and the history of the English language. Each week she'll discuss why we say what we say with Michigan Radio Weekend Edition host Rebecca Kruth.

That's What They Say airs Sundays at 9:35 a.m. on Michigan Radio and you can listen to the podcast here: That's What They Say

The Stacking Benjamins Show


This may not feel like a Michigan podcast, but host Joe Saul-Sehy is from Michigan, and recently moved back to the Mitten. So I'm claiming him as a best Michigan podcast.

While it may seem like Joe, his co-host OG, and the gang are messing around during an episode of Stacking Benjamins, they’re actually deadly serious about financial literacy. Literacy rates around the world are dropping, and this podcast is meant to help foster much needed conversations about money.

Since 2012, Stacking Benjamins has used the science of play to make finance more approachable, interesting, and fun. Their hope is that people will think more seriously about money and about financial well-being. While some podcasts hope to be the final expert in the chain of money lessons, Stacking Benjamins hopes to introduce you to the broad spectrum of ideas, concepts and technologies that can help you lock in a better financial future.

Stacking Benjamins

The Redirect Podcast (Black Truck Media)


Thanks to Jason Dodge for introducing me to this show. The Redirect Podcast is a weekly podcast of search industry discussion and analysis from the BlackTruck Media + Marketing team in Grand Rapids.

They cover modern marketing news, tactics, and strategy from SEO to content marketing and beyond. So if you're looking for a Michigan flavor of great insight into the marketing world, this is it.

The Redirect Podcast

Leading Questions with Calvin Moore


I love the opening copy of this website.

Dialogue is a dying art. We're trying to change that. One conversation at a time. "Pursuing Dialogue. Provoking Thought."

Detroit's Calvin Moore and Kent Strath host this weekly moderated roundtable discussion about ongoing issues in our culture. Each week they bring together disparate voices on a particular issue, discuss our disagreements, consider one another's positions and, at the very least, leave the table with a measure of respect for the person on the other side of the debate.

So, whether they're discussing police brutality, gun control, climate change, human sexuality, religion, or women's issues--they always work toward creating a space for passionate, yet healthy dialogue. 

And isn't that what we need today?

Leading Questions with Calvin Moore from

I'm Not In An Abusive Relationship

Im Not in an Abusive Relationship ART.jpg

This is the podcast I'm involved with, and I'm very proud of. This is a podcast about surviving domestic and sexual violence.

Host Claudia Pahls and Domestic and Sexual Abuse Services explore the hope in what can seem like a hopeless situation. The goal with “I’m Not in an Abusive Relationship” is to bring listeners stories of hope to inspire, and conversations with experts to offer insight and advice.

When I joined the Board of Directors, I brought this idea to the President of the board and the Executive Director of the organization, Domestic and Sexual Abuse Services. The inspiration for the show and the name of the podcast came from a survivor. In her story, she referenced the fact that she didn’t see herself in an abusive relationship. She didn’t think it was “that bad.” My hope with this show is that anyone in that situation can hear their story in these episodes, find hope and find help.

I'm Not In An Abusive Relationship

Sitting Down with Stand-Ups


Thanks to Alana Gonzalez for this one. Sitting Down With Stand Ups is a podcast featuring Detroit area comedians and beyond, hosted by Detroit area comedians. The show includes interviews, games, current events, plenty of talk about the Detroit stand up comedy scene and PLENTY of our team being mean to each other for no reason whatsoever.

No filters. No topic is off the table. No one is safe.

Sitting Down with Stand-Ups

Mindful Skeptics Podcast


Melissa Angelo sent this suggestion in. Mindful Skeptics Podcast is a safe place to listen to discussions about controversial topics without jeopardizing your relationships with family, friends and coworkers. On the show, they discuss politics and religion primarily. They also venture into social norms, mental health, physical health, equal rights, social justice, current events and also conspiracy theories.

Mindful Skeptics Podcast

Tech Over Time


My friend James Laurain co-hosts this insightful and educational podcast out of Grand Rapids. He and co-host Jason Struble discuss the past, present, and future of technology, a product or an institution, and more. The cool part about this show is each week, one co-host will bring the idea without the other knowing ahead of time, so it feels a little unscripted and fresh. It's a fun deep dive into technology.

Jim and Jason even welcome guests from time to time. It's a fresh perspective on all the "stuff" that surrounds us.

Tech Over Time

The Simple Theologian

268x0w (1).jpg

Thanks to host Dan Rose for throwing his hat in the ring on the best Michigan podcasts out there. Dan and his fellow Pastor colleague Mike consider themselves average knuckleheads, getting together for conversations about life, theology, and spiritual stuff. They do their best to make the complex, simple. Every week they discuss some bit of theology and try to apply it in a real way. 

I've known Dan via social media for a few years now, and it's very cool to see his journey in faith and how he gives to the community around him. He's from the Ypsilanti area, so it's a Michigan-born show for sure.

The Simple Theologian

#LoveWell by Dan Rose


Pastor Dan Rose also has a solo show, where he talks about what it means to live life to the full. Dan is a writer, a podcaster, a pastor, a content creator across multiple platforms. He's a thoughtful, respectful man of faith, and I always enjoy his perspective.

Join Pastor Dan as he figures out what it means to #LoveWell. 

#LoveWell by Dan Rose

BONUS SHOW: Armchair Expert Podcast with Michigan native Dax Shepard


My friend Cody Livingston suggested this podcast, and I couldn't agree more. While it's not produced in Michigan, host Dax Shepard is a Michigander. So when you have time to listen to a show that "celebrates the messiness of being human," give this one a listen.

Dax interviews his friends and colleagues in Hollywood, comedians, thought leaders, and other interesting people to dive into what moves them, how they live, and more. Block out some time though... some episodes run longer than your typical 30 minute sitcom.

Armchair Expert Podcast

What About You?

What podcasts do you love? Do you have some Michigan podcasts you'd like to share? I'm thinking this could be a growing list, or one that gets refreshed from time to time. Podcasting continues to grow and offers some terrific content. Let's curate some of the best Michigan podcasts together!

*I highlighted current shows with up to date episodes.

Note: This article first appeared on LinkedIn: The Best Michigan Podcasts