Why I Ignored Jordan Harbinger’s Advice and Started a Podcast

Recently, podcast guru Jordan Harbinger (formerly of The Art of Charm, now with The Jordan Harbinger Show) offered advice to anyone (especially business-focused people) thinking about starting a podcast. The title gives it away: Thinking of starting a podcast? Don’t.

Jordan’s reasons – it’s not an easy money maker, there’s too much noise, competing against big media – all seem legitimate. However, I’m a bit stubborn.

I decided to start a podcast as a passion project. Interviewing storytellers about their craft fascinates me. If I can learn a little something about becoming a better storyteller, while sharing it with others, then I feel like I leave the world a little bit better for the future.

The Best Michigan Podcasts

The Best Michigan Podcasts

Recently I was looking for lists of the best Michigan podcasts. Truthfully, I wanted to submit a show I work on to anyone compiling this kind of a list. It's a show I'm proud of, because of the work we're doing through it to combat domestic and sexual abuse. So it's not entirely selfish, right?

I found a sparse Reddit thread, an article from a few years ago on an inactive site I used to love, and then several NPR lists of their own shows.

Left hungry for Michigan audio content, I started to search and think about the podcasts I listen to. So, here's a list of 17 of the best Michigan podcasts (and the best podcasts by Michiganders) I know of*.