Pure Storytelling with Pure Michigan's Dave Lorenz (#80)

Destination Marketing and Story with Dave Lorenz

Dave Lorenz is the Vice President of Travel Michigan. He’s responsible for leading the state’s tourism branding, advertising and public relations efforts. Essentially, Dave’s the guy behind my favorite marketing campaign, the award-winning Pure Michigan tourism campaign. He also coordinates overall statewide tourism initiatives.

Dave also speaks around the world on behalf of Michigan for tourism, as well as telling the Pure Michigan success story. He’s a storyteller through-and-through.

Dave currently serves on the board of directors for the U.S. Travel Association, the National Council of State Tourism Directors, Michigan Cares for Tourism, Circle Michigan, Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau, MotorCities National Heritage Association, and the West Michigan Tourism Association, Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Grand Rapids Hotel Advisory Board.

He’s a true, authentic Michigan storyteller and ambassador.

“They literally brought the state together, the upper and lower peninsulas.” – Dave Lorenz on Mighty Mac and the Michigan story

The Big Mistake Marketers Make

Dave talks about finding the Michigan story over years and years, and continuously perfecting it and bringing out new parts of the story. He says that’s the key to good marketing, promotion, PR and advertising. It’s understanding the story of your place, your product or your service.

For destination marketers, the question is: What’s the essence of that community that emotionally connects people?

And that works for other storytellers and marketers. It must be uniquely your story. Another state can’t simply copy the Pure Michigan path. You can’t do that with your story, either. We all have to find our story to tell.

“What you can do is discover who you are. Too many destination marketers just don’t know who they are.” – Dave Lorenz on destination marketing

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