Branding and Marketing Agency Owner Remington Begg (#79)

Storytelling with Entrepreneur Wayfinder Remington Begg

Remington Begg is the co-founder and CEO of Impulse Creative, a branding and inbound marketing agency. He’s fortunate to be based in southern Florida, although the agency does have remote employees, proving that you can be a storyteller anywhere.

While Remington may not seem like a typical storyteller we get to spend time with, in my opinion he’s a story ambassador or curator, as he helps brands tell their story through inbound marketing and content marketing. Plus he, like many of my guests, is simply a good storyteller in conversation.

His advice for being a better storyteller: Be a consumer of story.

“Any other creators I know, the storytellers I really respect are inspired by, are always talking about how much content they consume.” - Remington Begg on filling your storytelling cup

Your Story Matters

Whether you’re a business brand or a personal storyteller, your story matters. Remington says so many businesses just think people don’t care about their story. He even mentioned how many storytellers feel the same way. But in reality, each story matters to the right people.

In fact, if you’re extremely passionate about something, your story can turn into your career. Maybe you want to be a micro-influencer in the vegan space, or you’re super passionate about a specific kind of world music. Whatever your passion and your story, there’s a venue for it.

“People ask ‘When will I know if my content is good enough?’ and I tell them I still don’t know if mine is, but I put it out there because I thought it was valuable.” - Remington Begg on knowing it’s time to publish

Want to Reach More People? Find Your Tribe and Listen

Remington believes in the power of community. In fact he’s in a mastermind group with other agency owners - direct competition - in order to sharpen his business skills and to make connections. A rising tide lift all boats, after all.

Whether it’s on Facebook, on Reddit, in person, or another venue, finding your circle and listening to other venues is critical. This can also help you get your story “out there” today.

“When you listen to the tribe, you listen to points of view you may not have before.” - Remington Begg on the power of community

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