Stories Through Audio Drama and More with Paul Sating (#93)

Author, Podcaster, Audio Drama Creator Paul Sating

Paul Sating is an author and creator of five audio drama podcasts, including Subject: Found, Diary of a Madman, Who Killed Julie?, YOU, and Atheist Apocalypse. He is also the host of Horrible Writing, a podcast where he shares his journey toward being published, along with candid interviews with other writers.

His first three books were published in 2018. Chasing the Demon (a thriller), 12 Deaths of Christmas (a horror anthology), & Novel Idea to Podcast (nonfiction) helped him realize his childhood dream of becoming a published author.

In addition to those ventures, he is the co-creator of an upcoming horror audio drama titled Family Portrait and, when he's not writing books or podcasts, he's punching out short stories for his Patrons and perpetually working on his novels.

“Apple could get out of digital media completely. Then what do you do? You need a newsletter. You don’t control Twitter, Facebook, Spotify… nobody.” - Paul Sating on owning your content

Grass Roots Artist Support: Patreon

In today’s world of storytelling, creators have the chance to experiment with all facets of their stories through grassroots artist support tools like Patreon. Paul says it’s a great way to let your readers/listeners.viewers/consumers use their voice (and their wallet) to let you know what’s working.

Paul even has a Patreon-exclusive audio drama that is audience-led. At the end of each episode, the audience gets to decide where it goes.

People will pay for stories created by us, and will support artists. That’s Paul’s lesson with Patreon.

“It doesn’t matter if you have 1 Patron or 1,000 Patrons, those folks are there for you. They believe in you.” - Paul Sating on crowd funding your content

Use Multiple Story Platforms: Know Thy Audience

Paul loves to listen to, and create, podcasts. But he understands that podcasts are his bias. It’s his sweet spot. They aren’t for everyone.

As creators, we want to share our stories with as many people as possible.

It would be easier work to simply create podcasts as the vehicle for his content. But Paul understands that creators who want to reach a greater audience must find them where they are.

If you think your audience is on more than one track for consuming your story - which they are - then you will want to consider a multi-platform approach.

“I love podcasts. But Aunt Sue doesn’t. She wants to curl up on the couch with a good book. Give Aunt Sue what she wants, too. It’s more work, but you’re reaching that larger swath.” - Paul Sating on multi-platform storytelling

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