The Animated Woman JC Little (#92)

Storytelling Through Animation and Art with JC Little

JC Little is a mom, an animator, a humorist, an award-winning story artist, a compelling public speaker and a social media minx! Always playful and often poignant, JC Little blogs her eclectic slice-of-life stories with unique drawings and animation at She's a happily married mother of three and a director whose 30+ year career in animation has spanned commercials, feature films, TV series, new media, mobile apps and picture-books.

JC is a two-time BlogHer Voice of the Year honoree, and winner of three Canadian Weblog Awards. She's on the Wacom site as a Wacom Ambassador, and delivers highly illustrated keynotes (she what she did there…) on leadership, visual storytelling and empathy. JC is the creator and director of the Disney-syndicated, Gemini-nominated kids TV series, My Life Me, and has animated over 30 short films, the latest of which is the award-winning Papa Pasquale.

She also drew my bride and me for our wedding back in 2011. Look down below in the show notes for those very special illustrations.

I’ve known JC for a few years now and have followed her story through a couple chapters. Now I want to share her stories with you.

“I created my own series. That was the pinnacle… but I was exhausted. I didn’t go back to the industry because I was just broken.” - JC Little on the animation industry

Dealing with Haters and Bullies

At one point in her career, JC was on the receiving end of internet trolls and bullies. They hated the animated series she’d created, and were quite vocal and insistent in harassing her. It got bad. But she fought back in her own way, and opened a channel of communication with them. We can all learn something, since as creatives we often put ourselves “out there” open to bullies.

“There’s nothing I can do to convince them to change their minds. The show wasn’t targeted to them. I told them they’re entitled to their opinion, but I stand by my show. They had no idea what it’s like to create and direct a TV show.” - JC Little on dealing with haters

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JC’s Wedding Drawings <3