Singer Songwriter Aaron Burdett (#87)

Story Through Music with Singer Songwriter Aaron Burdett

Meet singer-songwriter Aaron Burdett, one of the top 10 most important musicians of western North Carolina according WNC Magazine. He’s named alongside such greats as Doc Watson, Steep Canyon Rangers, and The Avett Brothers. It wasn’t always easy though, as you might imagine.

After seeing a lot of his friends and musical colleagues struggle to be full-time musicians, sometimes at the cost of their marriages and family lives, Aaron moved back to his hometown and decided to go another route. He started a construction business, built a home for himself and his wife, and started a family, all while continuing to write songs and playing music, recording an album every year or two. In 2013, Aaron decided to pursue music full time, so fast forward to today, and his distinctive clear voice has carried his dream into a successful career. Aaron’s songs effortlessly transition from solo performance to full band, with equal emotional impact on audiences. 

Aaron has 7 albums dating back to 2005. He tells stories through his music, his lyrics and his performances.

“I believe the most powerful stories, works, pieces of music and novels … are a reflection of that person, that only that person could write in that way.” - Aaron Burdett on the power of personal story

Own Your Story

Aaron has learned over the years to truly put himself into his work. Your story is you, and what makes you unique makes the story unique.

We aren’t always comfortable opening ourselves up to creating so personally. But as Aaron says, that’s what makes stories and works like songs, novels, art and more so powerful.

“As I age and do this a little more, the more comfortable I am saying, ‘Oh I need to put a little more of myself in here,’ because that’s the only unique thing I’ve got.” - Aaron Burdett on owning your story

Aaron Burdett Last Refuge Live for Acoustic Asheville

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