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How Routine Can Drive Your Greatness with Michelle Steffes

During this portion of the Entertainment Storytellers season, I wanted to bring on a special guest to explore something a little different. Today we’re talking about your journey to greatness. It’s more a resource than an example… my guest is the author of Your Journey to Greatness Through Routine and host of her daily podcast with the same name. She is also the CEO and founder of IPV Consulting working with companies to address organizational dysfunction getting to the root of human behavior using cognitive training methods. Michelle Steffes brings insight, information, and inspiration to this episode, to help us all reach greatness.

“If you go into a bank and you want to borrow money, they’re going to require a business plan. Why in the world do we think that we can just fly by the seat of our pants when it comes to accomplishing big dreams?” - Michelle Steffes on preparing for greatness

Want to Become a Powerful Storyteller? Set Goals and Write them Down

Michelle helps her clients achieve success through coaching, specifically coaching clients to set goals. You can start with 5 year goals, then break those down into achievable, measurable goals. The key, says Michelle, is to physically write them down. Get a pen, get paper (or use a whiteboard), and truly write the goals out. Michelle referenced Brian Tracy, saying that writing goals down fires neurons and increases the chances of you hitting them by 1,000%. But only about 3% of the population takes time to do this on a consistent basis.

This even works with simple goals like home projects. Michelle does this each year, and one year lost the list. When she found it 3 months later, she was surprised.

“Everything was done! And that’s because I wrote it down. When you write it down it mirrors the neurons.” – Michelle Steffes on the power of writing down your goals

Why Routine Drives Success and Inspiration

Michelle says one major key to finding inspiration for her writing, her podcast, and her speaking is her routine. Michelle wakes up around 4:30 each morning for her “power hour” where she’s inspiring, empowering, educating herself for 90 minutes to set herself up for success that day, that week, that month, and beyond.

“I can live at my highest. It has paid off again and again and again.” – Michelle Steffes on morning routines

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