Live Events, Content Marketing, Entrepreneurship Storytelling with Joe Pulizzi (#68)

Inspirational Storytelling in Business with Joe Pulizzi

From a corporate media job to launching a blog to talk about something no one had heard of yet, to launching a movement, Joe Pulizzi’s journey so far has been pretty incredible. He founded Content Marketing Institute, put on Content Marketing World, has written or co-written about a half-dozen business books including the recent Content, Inc.

Joe’s known for his orange suit – which he explains in our conversation how that all came about – and what he calls his quirky personality. I mean, who else makes lists of 42 as a nod to the Hitchhikers Guide? This creative, authentic, kind, funny storyteller falls into multiple categories, so he wraps up Inspirational Storytellers in Season 5 in preparation for Season 6 and Business Storytellers.

“Some experts out there say there’s just too much content. There’s always been too much content. Since the dawn of time, since printing press was created there’s been too much content for people to engage in. But you always find [your] niche and that’s the opportunity.” - Joe Pulizzi on ‘too much content’

It takes time, patience & bravery to build something

When Joe launched Content Marketing Institute, he’d just left a high-paying corporate marketing job. April 2, 2007 was his first blog post. In September, he was ready to call it quits because they weren’t seeing revenue.

His wife was working in their home, running their family (with 2 young sons). The early times were lean, and they considered getting “real jobs” for each of them. But Joe says the best decision they made was to stick with it.

“The biggest challenge is the patience you have to have when building your audience.“ - Joe Pulizzi on building you audience

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