Photojournalism Storytelling with Robert H. Miller, National Geographic Books (#67)

Storytelling with Photographer Robert H. Miller

Today’s guest is someone who not only tells stories, but who captures and curates and shares others’ stories. Robert Miller is an “Independent Book author and photojournalist for National Geographic Books.” His projects include the book “Veteran Voices: Remarkable Stories of Heroism, Sacrifice and Honor.”

I had the privilege of meeting Robert when he was a photographer for Nat Geo when Honor Flight flew our nation’s oldest living veteran at the time, Emma Didlake of Detroit, to Washington, D.C. His photographs tell inspirational stories.

“…photography is like receiving a gift. It’s a gift from a stranger who allows me to briefly enter their life and capture their moment with them.” - Robert Miller on the power of photography

Storytelling can be very personal

Robert says that one of his favorite stories is also very personal. And he almost didn’t get to know it. Robert’s dad was in World War II, and came ashore just a few days after D-Day. He was captured and spent time as a POW in the hands of the Germans. But he never shared his experience, like so many veterans.

After his dad passed, Robert found a journal from his dad. From this journal, he was able to share his dad’s story in his first published book, Hidden Hell. If it weren’t for the journal, he wouldn’t have known his dad’s story.

“My mom explained to me briefly just what [a POW] was, and asked me of I would not talk about it with him, because it was much too painful and he gave a lot of himself so that we could be free. ” - Robert Miller on his dad’s story

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