Sharing Stories of The Greatest Generation with Earl Morse (#60)

Storytelling with Honor Flight network Co-Founder Earl Morse

Today’s guest is inspirational to many, even if he’s not technically a motivational speaker. But, he has motivated thousands of people to mobilize and serve on an amazing mission.

Earl Morse co-founded an organization that serves veterans in their later years – starting first with World War II vets, moving on to Korean War and Vietnam vets. It’s called Honor Flight Network, and it’s made up of more than a hundred local hubs… all because Earl saw a need and convinced a few other pilots to begin flying veterans to Washington, D.C. to see the memorial built in their honor.

Since May 21, 2005, thousands of veterans have taken their Honor Flight from all over the country. Earl Morse tells a great story, and has heard many, many more.

“The world is free because of [these veterans]. They’re in our community still to this day.” - Earl Morse

There’s no such thing as failure

When it comes to crafting a great story that moves people to donate to a cause, Earl says you just charge forward and learn from your experiences. Whether it’s a one-on-one presentation or speaking at the national Honor Flight convention, Earl learns from each speaking opportunity on what stories and tactics work, and what do not. Always be learning.

“It’s all perspective. There’s no such thing as failure, if you learn from it.” - Earl Morse on learning from failure

Connect with other generations through story

Story connects us. From inspiring people to support the mission - honoring WWII, Korean and Vietnam war veteran - to moving companies to donate to convincing a veteran that you’re giving with no catch - Earl says story brings people together. It’s one of his favorite parts of his work - connecting with the generation that came before him and the ones coming up behind him.

“Connecting with people on such an emotional level.. of course you have connections like sports allegiances out there, but this is such another level.” - Earl Morse on connecting more deeply with people

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