No Arms, No Feet, No Problem: David Powell (#59)

Motivational Storytelling with David Powell

David Powell’s inspirational journey began at birth being born without hands and malformed legs.  However, challenges have never slowed him down.

David was born in New Orleans. As a child he got around in an electric wheelchair using his feet as his hands. After the separation of his parents, David relocated to Dallas, TX. He then became a patient at Scottish Rite Hospital for children and started walking with the help of prosthetics.

With his feet no longer available, he once again adapted and learned to do everything he did with his feet, with his arms. As a freshman in high school, David lost his mother to a drug overdose, leaving him devastated. A few years later he fell into a dark hole of drug addiction and alcoholism until the age of 29.

Over time, and after a move to Salina, KS, David once again beat the odds and overcame those struggles. He is now fulfilling one of his lifetime dreams of becoming a motivational speaker to help people though helpful messages on life and its perspectives.

Don’t Let What Makes You Different Keep You Down

We’re all different. Our differences, and our stories, can set us apart. They don’t have to keep us down. As someone born with less than ideal limbs, David continues to battle that every day. In fact, he even has to battle against perceptions of others.

He once applied for a job with a couple of friends who had full use of what we’d consider normal limbs. As David describes it, the job was easy and basically anyone could get it. His friends received calls the next day. David did not. So, he marched into the business and asked to speak with the director of the call center.

“I showed him that I could type on a computer and write a reservation slip. The hiring manager didn’t think I could type or write, nor did he even ask. If I didn’t have the mindset that I have, I would have lost that battle.” -David Powell on overcoming adversity

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