S3E6: Bill Krupka, Former CBS Affiliate Photojournalist (#35)

Storytelling with Former CBS Affiliate Photojournalist and Video Marketing Specialist, Bill Krupka

In this episode, we hear from a storyteller I’ve had the opportunity to personally work with over the years. From the newsroom to the marketing department, Bill Krupka and I have collaborated a FEW times. Bill spent 22 years at a CBS affiliate in a top 40 TV market as a photojournalist. He’s interviewed heads of state. He’s covered – and told the stories – of tragedy, triumph and everything in between. Then he came to work with me in marketing, helping hopeful home buyers navigate their experience.

Today, Bill becomes the subject, a title he’s not always willing to put on, in order to share with The Storytellers Network his storytelling craft, his experiences and tips… in other words, HIS story.

"It started for me because I was a gadget guy. I remember back in the 80s when my dad got his first video recorder that used VHS tapes. I liked that technology and being able to record video and sound." Bill Krupka on where his storyteller path began

The Transition from Journalism to Marketing

Bill joined the AmeriFisrt Home Mortgage team I was building... from the TV newsroom. Fortunately he knew me and knew how I worked. But it was still a huge transition. With that many years experience, he wasn't sure he could "teach an old dog new tricks." But he went for it, and it worked. 

Any transition can be scary... Bill says "Just go for it." Even if the pace of work changes, the people change and the work changes, we don't grow in our comfort. We grow through challenging times. As Bill points out, we should move forward so we don't regret what we don't do.

"The transition is definitely doable, but it is a different pace. Definitely go for it. I was at a television station for 22 years. I was comfortable. When you first approached me, it was huge. It was a scary thing. What if it falls apart. But I didn't want to look back on my life and go, 'If I had only...'" - Bill Krupka and transitioning from one career to another

The Foundation is Important

Technology can help us tell better stories. It can also hinder our growth and make us lazy. From lighter cameras to drones, the tools we use will enhance who we are as storytellers. Bill says the important thing is to keep the basics in mind and to work from a solid foundation. Plus, the job has been done well before the newest technology.

"Drones can be great. I think if you utilize them well, they can enhance the story you're trying to tell and give your audience a new perspective. You just have to be careful not to rely only on them." - Bill Krupka on storytelling vs. technology

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Bonus: For the love all that is holy... TURN YOUR PHONE SIDEWAYS WHEN SHOOTING VIDEO

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