S3E5: Rob Ciampa, Video Marketing Guru* (#34)

Storytelling with Video Marketing Expert Rob Ciampa

*Guru is my word for Rob. He's too humble to use it. Of course, he did co-author YouTube Channels for Dummies...

As the CEO & Co-Founder at a Boston start-up called “WePlayed,” Rob Ciampa has a vested interest in telling a great story. Using his skills, Rob convinces financial supporters, early team members and others to believe in the mission of a untested company. Where did his chops come from? Experience. 

Rob has been VP of sales and then CMO of a video marketing company called Pixability – which is where we crossed paths and I got know him – as well as an advisor to a group of media, advertising and marketing technology companies. He's also co-author of YouTube Channels for Dummies. Rob definitely believes in the power of story – especially video. 

"It was the 50th anniversary of the peace sign. We had everyone dressed up in 60's garb [at the conference]. We had our support staff in tye-dyes but we hired actors to come in, in various garb. We broke the rules and had live 60's music. All of a sudden everyone is coming to the booth... telling their stories of the 1960s... and we had an 8,000% improvement year over year for that show." - Rob Ciampa on the power of story

Enrich your life: Create the perfect storytelling opportunity with friends

Rob and his wife Laura entertain family and friends around their table. He's a magician in the kitchen, with deep roots in Italian cooking and storytelling. One of his most successful dinner parties centered on a simple idea: each participant brought 3 songs which had impacted them at different points in their life to share with everyone. Rob says the natural call to tell the story about music and how it has affected you makes for a powerful connection among people.

In addition to friends gathered at the table, Rob shared that another favorite storytelling experience is listening to his mom, in her 80s.

"When we get her to tell stories, the memories come back. It brings back happiness. Not only should you get them to tell their stories, but also record their stories, because that's the family history and we pass that down to our children." - Rob Ciampa on personal stories

Give back: Help others tell their story (The Electric Project)

One of Rob's personal passions is "The Electric Project." It all started more than a decade ago when a talented software engineer Rob knew got laid off and called Rob for some advice and help. He ended up helping this person understand their narrative in order to find meaningful work. This turned into a mission to help talented people work when work has been yanked out from under them.

"We have so many talented people ... that aren't 'plugged in.' The concept is that we're all electric. At some point, and this happens to all of us, for some reason the plug gets pulled. Our goal is to use stories to help them plug back in, recharge, light up again and get back [to work]." - Rob Ciampa on personal narratives

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