Season 1, Episode 11: Jennifer Luitwieler (#011)

Storytelling with Author Jennifer Luitwieler

Jennifer Luitwieler is an author of 2 books, blogger and social media storyteller. Dan met Jennifer years ago on Twitter through a running community.  Jennifer’s book ‘Run with Me’ and their connection through social media inspired Dan and his wife Sonya to begin running.

“[Growing up] reading a lot of books, I was mesmerized by the power of stories.” - Jennifer Luitwieler

Becoming a Storyteller - Jennifer Luitwieler

Jennifer describes herself as a storyteller; however, there are days when she feels like that is a lie. She thinks most storytellers feel the same way at times. They feel like they are not doing what they say they do.

“I was born into a home where people appreciated the spoken word. ” - Jennifer Luitwieler

Her ability to relate through stories comes from her parents. They are both storytellers. One was paid and one was not.  Jennifer’s favorite stories were about their upbringing. Her father was pastor and his sermons were story-heavy. Jennifer’s parents used stories to make points, to entertain and to pass the time. It’s now the way she learns and relates to people.

Overcoming Self-Doubt

In high school Jennifer felt she wanted to pursue her life as a writer. It’s been a winding path to that. She loved how sentences crafted in a specific way could create meaning or evoke feelings. When Jennifer hears someone do that really well, she thinks, ‘oooh, I want to do that.’ 

“I felt like I had made it but it was short lived. We tend to dwell on the negatives rather than focus on the positives.” - Jennifer Luitwieler on the success after her first book was published.

To hear more from Jennifer Luitwieler and how stories have motivated her to write and how she harnesses the power of networking, download and listen to the entire episode. Learn about her experiences and insights and check out the resources she provided in the links below.

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