Taming the Beast of Marketing a Zoo with Anja Stas (#90)

Telling the Story of the Antwerp Zoo and Convention Center with Anja Stas

Anja Stas creates meaningful marketing with campaigns such as A Room with a Zoo / Zoo of Life/ Kai-Mook. Anja Stas is an award winning marketer with a passion for the possible; bridging ecology and economics. She works for the Flanders Meeting & Convention Center of Antwerp – which is the Antwerp Zoo in Belgium. But it’s so much more than a zoo. It’s a story. And for Anja, being a storyteller is in her makeup.

“We have winter and summer. We have ups and downs. Work, for me, is like that. When you’re an artist, which you are when you’re a storyteller, it’s not about being in balance everyday. It’s from a balanced self within.” - Anja Stas on balancing life and work

Changing the Story

Instead of just another convention center for international travel, Anja has figured out how to tell a different story. Her work caught the attention of Talk Triggers authors Jay Baer (Season 6 Episode 6) and Daniel Lemin. Rather than talk about generic amenities and the like, Anja and her team tell the story of the history of the Antwerp Zoo, the animals conference center attendees get to experience, and the journey people get to take.

And for Anja, changing that story starts with experiencing life yourself.

“Creativity to me is just knowing a lot of stuff, and just making new connections, reframing it, rewiring it, into a new whole.” - Anja Stas on changing the story

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