Entrepreneurial Storytelling with Chris Brogan (#77)

Exploring Entrepreneurs as Storytellers with Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is an entrepreneur, an author, a marketing consultant and a speaker… among other titles and skills. He’s also a good guy with a terrific outlook and desire to help, inspire and teach. Chris has written several books, publishes a terrific newsletter and runs Owner Media Group with Rob Hatch. We get to learn about Chris’ story, how hitting a house with his bicycle paints the picture of entrepreneurship and more … as we get to Chris Brogan’s stories.

“I do love brevity. I think the tiny bites matter. People don’t want a lot to consume, until they are ready.“ - Chris Brogan on audience attention

Diversifying Your Content Intake for Inspiration

Chris says one of his “secrets” to constant inspiration is his habit of taking in content outside of his industry. Chris of course happens to work a lot in the marketing space, the leadership arena and the world of business communication. But instead of consuming content from his contemporaries, Chris looks for a diverse stream of information for his inspiration.

“I don’t follow any [contemporaries]. I don’t read any of those people. I love them all. But they’re all talking about what I would talk about. I go read about things like what kindergarten is working on these days… what does that extrapolate on?” - Chris Brogan on finding inspiration

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