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Storytelling with Event Founder Chris Krimitsos

Chris Krimitsos gets called “changemaker,” “motivator,” “catalyst for change,” and “inspiration” by those who know him. He works with major corporations’ CEOs, solopreneurs, relative nobodies and well-known personalities. Chris is a national speaker, an event founder and podcast ambassador.

Chris brings the unique perspective of success from both sides of an event. He understands the challenges of the organizer that needs to move an audience, having himself facilitated over 1,000 events that have brought together business owners, toward economic growth, under the umbrella of Tampa Bay Business Owners, which he founded in 2008. That success regionally was the springboard to launching a national event, Podfest Multimedia Expo.

Channeling that energy into creating a documentary, now he is making an impact globally. Under the CK Productions banner, as a filmmaker and producer, Chris has even successfully birthed The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary.

“I created this amazing speech. [Then] I realize a commencement speech has nothing to do about you, but everything to do about the graduating class. I literally had to scrap my entire presentation.” - Chris Krimitsos on knowing your audience

Live Events Still Work for Building a Community

Chris started Podfest Multimedia Expo to support the podcasting community. In the day of digital - and a digital-focused community - Chris and his team have managed to grow a premier event where people travel from all over the world to Orlando, Florida to connect in person.

For Chris, it all started with a local meet-up and grew - strategically - over time. His story is inspirational. What will you create today that just may change someone’s world in 3 years? How will you create a community around your story?

“Small commitments add up to big commitments. You’ve got to honor your word, try to stay in integrity and you build on those commitments.” - Chris Krimitsos on building a community

Facing the Challenges of Storytelling

Chris says the biggest challenge in storytelling today is finding your audience. His advice: find your niche, get to know the people there and use the tools available - like marketing - to reach them.

Tell your story with purpose and strategy and focus.

“A lot of times some people just want to talk into a mic and out it out there. But you need to have some strategy behind it.” - Chris Krimitsos on being a successful storyteller

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