Native Advertising Expert and Content Creator Chad Pollitt (#71)

Storytelling with Native Advertising Expert and Content Creator Chad Pollitt

Chad Pollitt is the Co-founder of Relevance, the world's first website dedicated to content distribution and promotion, news and insights. He’s also an Adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business and Adjunct Instructor of Content Marketing at the Rutgers Business School. Plus, Chad is a member of the Advisory Board for native advertising platforms, inPowered and AdHive.

And if that wasn’t enough, this guy is also a member of a Forbes Top 100 list, and author of "The Native Advertising Manifesto," "The Content Promotion Manifesto" and "51 Things Your Mother Taught You About Inbound Marketing." He is a regular contributor to industry media outlets, including the Huffington Post, Guardian and Social Media Today. He’s definitely a Business Storyteller. You’re in for a treat, as Chad breaks down storytelling… and what to do after you’ve crafted your story. Don’t “publish and pray.”

“The average storyteller and content marketer will spend $1 on distribution for every $5 we spend on creation…. the average television advertising executive, for every $1 they spend on creation they spend $5 on distribution. “ - Chad Pollitt on the power of distribution

Content still matters - but context matters more

Chad grew up professionally in the early days of SEO. We’re talking keyword stuffing, shady link building and other tactics that today would be considered black hat SEO. He knows what it takes to get found and how the evolution of SEO has played a part in the craft of storytelling - and story sharing. You have to get found for someone to hear your story. It comes down to one thing: which problem are you solving for an audience? For Chad, it isn’t always about the best story.

“People go to the web for two reasons: to get help or to be entertained. Quickly. I would argue that the best content on the internet isn’t storytelling content. It’s content that solves problems the quickest and the best.“ - Chad Pollitt on story vs. problem solving

Big data’s part in storytelling

Technology, smart devices, the internet of things (IOT) and wearable tech are tapping into our biology. It knows our heart rate, our pulse, our movement & activity and much more. This big data treasure trove is ripe for targeting. It’s not just about creating a great story, it’s about context and knowing your audience down to the one-to-one level.

“I have two smart thermostats. I don’t know how that data is going to someday be used. We’ve got a pretty wide open future and it’s exciting.“ - Chad Pollitt on the future of targeted advertising

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