S4E8: Stephanie Baiocchi, @stephbaiocchi (#51)

Storytelling with Director of Audience Engagement & Community Stephanie Baiocchi

She’s a natural storyteller who’s changing the world of marketing.

“To say I'm passionate about inbound would be an understatement. Whether it's creating inbound marketing content, enabling my inbound sales team, delighting customers or merging account based everything with the inbound methodology, I use HubSpot and bleed orange.“

Stephanie Baiocchi is the Director of Audience Engagement & Community at IMPACT and absolutely loves connecting with people and building relationships. She has been using HubSpot for 6 years across a variety of industries on the client and agency side.

Stephanie is also a co-leader of the Chicago HubSpot User Group. She is a Carthage College graduate with a B.A. in Public Relations and German. She also owns a highly coveted HubSpot bicycle! You can catch Stephanie co-hosting IMPACT's weekly Facebook live show or engaging with the community in Elite.

”I think you have to tell a story in order to connect with people. And so much of my job is connecting with people.” Stephanie Baiocchi on community/audience engagement

You Don’t Have to “Be Everywhere”

A common question from businesses large and small, storytellers and others who want to develop an audience is “Do I need to be everywhere to get found?”

Stephanie says while it’s important to be where your ideal customers or audience is, you also don’t have to spread yourself too thin. She tests different platforms and media, looks at the results and decides whether to stay or leave.

In this way, you don’t have to “be everywhere” and “do everything.” Stephanie says that’s not the way to live or find the best best results.

“I never try to do everything at once. I pick one thing, I focus on testing it [and] analyzing the outcome, and then adjust based on that one thing. I can do one thing well, I cannot do everything well. It’s just not possible.” - Stephanie Baiocchi on audience development

Authenticity and Humanity Are Vital in Digital

Stephanie talked about the connected world in which we live, and how digital relationships can be pretty close to as real as face-to-face relationships. She says if we’re being our true, authentic selves online, then when we meet in person it should translate relatively seamlessly.

“One thing I love is when I meet someone in person and they say, ‘I’m so excited to finally meet you in person, but I feel like I already know you.’ Great, you should!” - Stephanie Baiocchi on digital relationships

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