S4E5: Jeshua Lauka, a Social Attorney, @JeshuaTLauka (#48)

Storytelling with Social Media as an Attorney: Jeshua Lauka

When I think of lawyers doing any kind of marketing or advertising, I think of the big, ugly billboards along the highway that scream at you to call am 800-number the next time you’re in a crash. Or I think of terrible jingles on the radio reminding you that the next time you’re caught driving drunk, you don’t have to pay the price.

Now, I have friends who are attorneys and I don’t think they’re all bad. I was still impressed with Jeshua Lauka, who uses social media to share stories and inspiration in order to develop relationships, which just might lead to new business. Imagine, using social media… to be social!

Jeshua Lauka from Grand Rapids, Michigan is incredibly talented at using social well, and not just spamming his connections with junk. According to his LinkedIn profile, Jeshua is “an attorney at a boutique business law firm located in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan” where he “practices Business, Real Estate, Estate and Trust work, and related litigation.”

He loves what he does and has a special passion for non-profit, board governance, and social enterprise. He also writes about legal issues on his own blog, and isn’t afraid to be authentic and even vulnerable.

“We all want to show the best of ourselves. Nobody likes to share our weaknesses… I think those are things that make us human and things that allow us to connect. Do those things you might be uncomfortable with [sharing]. Be your authentic self.” - Jeshua Lauka on vulnerability and authenticity in storytelling

Keeping Social Media “Social”

Jeshua still uses the hashtag #followfriday or #ff on Twitter. It’s something he’s done since joining Twitter, and something he enjoys. For Jeshua, it’s all about keeping this digital platform social, and connecting people. Whether it’s local dignitaries like Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalynn Bliss to business coaches like Seth Getz, Jeshua says introducing people is a passion of his.

“I look at social media as a way to connect… not be “me” focused but to say to this group of people ‘Hey, I’m thinking about you today, and I think you should connect with these people.’ - Jeshua Lauka on #followfriday and connecting

Using Story to help understand legal issues

Jeshua writes about business law and legal issues on his own blog. He’s not using it to generate leads. Instead, he sees it as a way to help his current clients understand common questions and turn a complicated, intimidating world into a more manageable situation.

Early on he saw no quality resources to help his own clients, so he created his own. Fortunately, as others find the resources, it can turn into relationships. There’s your real-world example of content marketing!

“I didn’t really see any other blogs on legal issues. If there are clients that can go somewhere and find resources, they can find it there. That’s what really got me writing.” - Jeshua Lauka on why he started a legal blog

Connect with Jeshua and his resources:

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