S3E11: Dominick Domasky, Motivation Champs (#40)

Storytelling with author, speaker, motivational video creator Dominick Domasky

Dominick Domasky is driven to inspire and motivate people and fellow authors through his books, motivational speaking and publishing. He’s the human behind Motivation Champs, and encourages others by sharing his life experiences. His motto: Let no failure define you. And I’m here to tell you – he does not disappoint. By the end of our conversation I was inspired – and I hope you are, too.

Whether Dominick is speaking from the stage, in a video or in his Facebook group, Dominick loves to tell stories. 

"I remember watching Stand By Me as a kid. That movie spoke to me so much. I remember in college that I wrote some things and they would have red marks all over them. But the teacher would say, 'He has red marks, but he something to say.' I started to write down goals, which became sentences which became my first book." - Dominick Domasky on his storytelling journey

Becoming a "good" storyteller takes time

Storytellers may be "born storytellers," but it takes time and effort to get better and become great. Whether you want to move from one platform to another (books to videos) or you're telling your first professional story, it's going to take time and effort.

Dominick says he's not afraid to take on new challenges to become a better storyteller. That's why he's worked in different media from in person presentations to writing to video creation. His advice: Don't be afraid to be terrible early on.

"Little wins add up to big results. It took a million raindrops to create a river. If you're great at something day 1, you just got lucky. Otherwise you need to put in the time to be good at it." - Dominick Domasky on getting better

Words are powerful - wield them carefully

Something you say today just might affect someone 70 years later. Dominick shares a story about a friend he met at a soup kitchen named Alice. When she was young, she wanted to be a writer. She just knew she had the talent, and people reading her writing agreed. The problem was, when she was about 12 years old a teacher told her she couldn't be a writer. So she never wrote the books she had wanted to write.

"Here's something somebody said to this lady 70 years prior that was ingrained in her. Words can hurt." - Dominick Domasky on the power of words

Side note: Listen to the way Dominick tells the story, and the hook on why she "could never be a writer" at about the 23 minute mark. You won't be sorry.

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