S3E3: Kevin Romeo with Rhino, A Story Company (#32)

Storytelling with Kevin Romeo, owner of Rhino (a video production and story company)

Kevin Romeo leads a team of video storytellers at Rhino Media - a video storytelling company in  Kalamazoo, Michigan. This team of storytellers has done some amazing work. Kevin shares with The Storytellers Network his personal storytelling craft, how he manages creatives, collaboration, the evolution of video storytelling and so much more. In other words, Kevin shares HIS story.

Kevin even shares who his favorite storyteller is, and why.

"Johnny Cash is fascinating because he did everything he possibly could to ruin [his life] in every way... [but] God saw to it that he could stay on earth long enough to have an artistic redemption. " - Kevin Romeo reflecting on a great storyteller

How "Execution" affects storytelling

Being a great storyteller is more than simply telling a great story. When you're doing this ancient craft professionally, you also have to execute. For instance, when Kevin and team wanted to rebrand Rhino Media as more than a video production company, and more of a storytelling vehicle, Kevin had to take the idea from his head to the company and eventually into action. 

Storytellers who have a dream but do not execute remain dreamers, not doers. The vital piece is to take your story idea and turn it into reality through execution, one step (one word) at a time.

"I can be a talker and I have lots of big ideas, but [media is] just kind of notorious space for talking about your big idea... Then there's a smaller percentage of people who actually execute and finish the thing. [It] really, really goes a long way to build trust in the people that follow you." - Kevin Romeo on executing ideas

Want to be heard? Be consistent and focused

When it comes to "getting your story out there," Kevin believes in focusing in on the story itself, the why behind what you're doing. He says you need to stay focused and consistent. Taking a broad, hit or miss approach doesn't work in today's noisy multimedia landscape. 

Kevin speaks from experience. He's had success launching and completing Kickstarter campaigns. He says many people become frustrated because they can't get their funding, and he sees the lack of focus and consistency as the issue. And while his example is specifically raising funds on Kickstarter, we can all learn from his lesson.

"You've got to start small and have a pretty good social gauge of the level of trust and interest in your subject or thing you're working on that that you can draw from. If people trust you that you're going to finish the thing, they'll invest and they'll back your idea." - Kevin Romeo on getting heard

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